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Community Shaimos Service

YOEC is pleased to offer community-wide kosher shaimos burial

We contract with a service to move and process the materials

This is partially sponsored by

Mr. S.Y. Rechnitz, שתחיו

However, the service is costly  

please understand that when we ask for payment

it is a necessary share in the cost of the service

How To:

Hours & Location


9 am to 4 pm

Monday through Thursday


7215 Waring Ave. 

Enter the gated parking lot

on Formosa Ave. 

Buzz to request admission.


Fee is:

18$ per shopping bag

 25$ for a small box.

There is a locked collection box near the slot.

Payments can also be made via donation on this website.

For pricing and handling of larger volumes, call our office.


In the parking lot

on the right side as you enter, there is a large white container.

Deposit items through the

slot on the side of the bin.

All items must be placed inside the bin to guarantee proper handling.

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